How does the affiliates program work?

The affiliate consists of two main components:

A discount code
The affiliate program

How big is a discount?
The promo code will let you offer 20% off on any plan and 30 days of trial alongside the 15 days that are already included in each new account.

What does the affiliate program offer?

The affiliate program is only accessible after we've been able to assess that you can bring a sufficient number of customers to our platform.

Once approved, you will receive a 20% cashback on each new paying customer that has been referred to ConvertAPI.

The cashback applies in a recurring manner, you will receive earnings for the subscribed customers every month.

What are the benefits of participating in the affiliates program?

A personalized discount
A cashback on each new paying customer

How to get started?

To start the process, simply sign up using this form or get in touch with us using the chat or at

Thanks for willing to work with us! Let's build a long term partnership that will give you advantages when offering ConvertAPI to your audience.
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