Conversion price depends on the conversion processing time. Each conversion is decreasing your balance in the number of seconds it took to convert and can reduce your balance with a maximum of 20 seconds. You can check your consumed conversion seconds on the statistics page in your dashboard.

Get an idea how many seconds your conversion takes

You can get the idea of conversion second usage without any programming. Simply sign up for a free account and use our interactive demo to convert your example files. Please navigate to, select your conversion source and destination format, on the converter page upload your file and click [POST] button. The returned result will show you the conversion seconds consumed.

Advanced Usage Statistics

Usage statistics
Please note the duration dropdown on the top right corner. It allows you to filter data for different periods of time.
Figure 1
If you hover over a selected time point on a chart the consumption popup will appear. This popup shows how many seconds were used over the selected duration.

Figure 2
The line below the chart allows you to select/unselect which conversion graphs should be displayed on a chart. You can select to view/hide either Total, Successful or Failed conversions or combine multiple options. The 'total' and 'seconds' numbers indicate how many conversions were made and how long it took to make it.

Figure 3
The detailed statistics table show each conversion separately. The Time/Cost column shows how much time the conversion took and how many seconds were charged from your balance. This is useful when the conversion takes longer than 20 seconds, as the maximum amount you might be charged is 20s.
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