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How to transfer a plan to another account?

This article explains how to transfer your purchased plan to another account.

Transfer plan to a different account

In some cases, you might want to transfer your plans to another account. You can do it in your dashboard. Please visit your ConvertAPI Dashboard -> Plans. Next to the plan on the right, you will notice multiple actions. If the [Move plan] button does not appear, it means that the plan cannot be transferred to another account.

In order to transfer a plan, click on the [Move plan] button. A modal window will appear, asking you to enter a secret key. Please enter the secret key of the account you want to transfer your plan to and click [Submit].

Specify new account by Secret key

Only the plans that are not used can be transferred. If you start consuming the plan, it cannot be moved, even though there are conversions left.

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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