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How long are my files stored?

The file storage duration is totally under your control. This article describes what are the file storage options and discuss the most popular use cases for that.

In any case, the maximum file storage duration is 3 hours. If you choose to store your files, you can delete them by a single request, or they will be deleted automatically.

Convert without storing the file

If you need a single document conversion, you can choose to execute the conversion in memory without storing the file at all by setting the StoreFile attribute to False. This way, we apply the conversion in memory and return a memory stream of a converted file back.

Store file for 3 hours

When source files must be converted multiple times, conversion performance can be increased by uploading files once and converting them multiple times without uploading them again (please refer to workflows). Another benefit of the uploaded file is that conversion requests can be formed just by the URL query (no need for the multipart formatter). This can be achieved by setting the StoreFile parameter to True. The uploaded file will be stored in the server for a maximum period of 3 hours and will be accessible by a secret URL with UUID.

Store the file and delete it immediately after the conversion

If you choose to store a file on our server, you can delete it immediately once you are done converting. Otherwise, it will be automatically deleted after 3 hours.

For more information, please refer to our documentation.

Updated on: 31/08/2023

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