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How to sign my GDPR Data Processing Agreement (DPA)?

Companies using ConvertAPI and handling European user data (ie. people living in the European Union) may need to sign a Data Processing Agreement (also called DPA), as part of GDPR requirements. The DPA is an addendum to and is incorporated into a reference in the main Agreement between Baltsoft and its customers. The customer entity signing the DPA must be the same as the customer entity party to the main Agreement. This article explains how to get and sign your DPA.

To sign your DPA, you need to get it from your ConvertAPI dashboard and upload it back once signed. Check the instructions below on how to do it.
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To sign your DPA with ConvertAPI, please follow those steps:

Visit your ConvertAPI dashboard
In the main dashboard menu click on "Contracts"
Download the DPA contract by clicking the "See contract" button
Fill and sign the PDF you downloaded, either electronically or on printed paper
Upload back the signed PDF in the same section in your ConvertAPI dashboard
Wait for the upload page to show your uploaded contract. That's it!

You may cancel the DPA contract at any time in the same section, and sign it again later on.

NOTE: If the customer entity signing the Baltsoft DPA is not a party to the main Agreement directly with Baltsoft, but is instead a customer indirectly of Baltsoft services, this DPA is not valid and is not legally binding. Such an entity should contact the authorized Baltsoft customer to discuss whether any amendment to its agreement with such Baltsoft customer may be required.

Updated on: 27/03/2023

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