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This article highlights how multiple members with specific roles contribute to managing different aspects of a ConvertAPI account, ensuring that each function is overseen by authorized personnel with appropriate capabilities.

Multi-member login enables you to provide access to additional users for your ConvertAPI account, allowing for effective and secure management. You can assign varying permission levels to various users, who can then access your ConvertAPI account using their own personal credentials.

To invite a team member to access and manage your account, please go to the Team Members page on your account dashboard. Once there, simply enter the email address of the person you wish to invite and specify their role with the relevant permissions. An invitation will be sent to their email instantly. An account can be accessed by up to 5 team members with the following roles:


Let's review how those roles can be useful and what they have access to.

Owner role

The initial account creator is assigned the Owner role, which grants complete control over the account. This includes the ability to invite additional members. Only users with the Owner role have the authority to delete the account.

Admin role

The Admin role within the system is designed to provide comprehensive administrative capabilities, similar to those granted to the Owner. Users with this role can perform almost all actions that an Owner can, such as modifying settings, managing permissions, and inviting new members. However, the key distinction lies in the restriction that Admin users do not have the authority to delete the account. This limitation ensures that the ultimate control over the account's existence and termination remains exclusively with the Owner.

Developer role

The Developer role is designed to empower users with substantial access to critical functionalities required for software development and integration. Users assigned the Developer role have the ability to access your account's API key and secret key, as well as the capability to generate and delete authentication tokens. However, they are not permitted to regenerate the secret key, a feature exclusively reserved for users with the Admin or Owner roles. Additionally, those with the Developer role have access to the API Tools section, including the interactive demo tool and other areas essential for integrating and testing our services. This role is tailored to support the technical needs while maintaining rigorous security standards.

Finance role

The Finance role is specifically designed to handle financial operations within the platform. This role grants users the authority to manage subscription plans, including purchasing, upgrading, and downgrading plans. Users can also pay invoices and modify company information for billing purposes. Additionally, the Finance role provides access to contractual agreements, ensuring that financial representatives can review and manage legal and fiscal documentation as needed. Moreover, this role enables access to usage statistics, offering valuable insights into consumption volumes. This information is crucial for making informed decisions about the most appropriate subscription package for the organization's needs. This role is essential for users who manage the financial aspects of the service, combining operational control with strategic access to usage data.

Updated on: 29/04/2024

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